Dispelling the myths about potency

Dispelling the myths about potency

Experts are sure that porn has no effect on impaired potency - the inability to get an erection and maintain it at the desired level.

There is a belief that addiction to pornographic films can cause erectile dysfunction. Scientists have not been able to prove this, which means that such an opinion is erroneous.

Experts believe that the problem lies in some other aspects. Most people, when discussing erectile function, forget that sexual relations are extremely difficult. Potency disorders can be caused by emotional vulnerability, high expectations. Watching pornographic films in this case can be compared to the placebo effect. The mere thought that after this a violation of potency may occur may lead to such a problem.

An effective way to reduce an erection is self-doubt, fear of accidental pregnancy or genital infection. Scientists believe that men shouldn't have sex when they feel anxious. It's worth solving the problem that causes this anxiety.

Get rid of the wrong expectations imposed by porn movies or society.

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