Eight hot alternatives to non-penetration sex

Eight hot alternatives to non-penetration sex

Vaginal, anal sex is great. However, if you are bored or if they are not suitable at the moment, or you simply want to add variety to your intimate life, take into account the following 8 options.

Axillary sex

During such intimacy, a man pushes his penis under the arms of a woman. The more she presses her hand, the more pleasure the partner gets. And there is absolutely no need to shave off your hair. They can even enhance pleasure.

Spanish sex

As you can see, Spanish is not only about shame, but also about sex. This kind of intimacy is often shown in pornographic films. The man inserts his penis into the hollow between the breasts of his partner. True, only those couples where the woman has huge bust will be able to practice this type of sex.

Intrabial sex

Men put their penis everywhere! In this kind of sex, it is placed between the calves. Due to the fact that there are very strong and elastic muscles, a man experiences sensations very similar to vaginal sex. The partner will be pleasantly surprised by this kind of intimacy. The main thing is not to forget to apply lubricant to your feet to facilitate sliding.


If a partner likes anal sex, then he will probably also like rimming - oral sex of the anus. Of course, this kind of intimacy will require special preparation for both man and woman. First of all, you need to be tested for various viruses and pathologies.

Mutual masturbation

Blowjob and masturbation are not the same thing. Blowjob is performed exclusively with the mouth, while for masturbation you can use both hands and feet, and intimate toys. So choose stimulants, pulsators and other gadgets especially for men. If you want to enjoy extraordinary sensations together, look for sex toys for couples.

Oral sex

This is not a trivial version, but a modern approach to intimacy. The main thing here is not to get hung up on 2.5 techniques and not think that all men dream of having their penis swallowed as deeply as possible.


Many people believe that BDSM is part of the script during traditional sex. However, such games can be played without penetration. Both men and women are capable of culminating in spanking, tying, shackling, and other hot techniques. Open up to experiment, fulfill each other's most piquant requests.


The difference between petting and traditional intercourse is that partners can rub against each other's genitals without direct penetration.

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