13 exciting words and phrases for men

13 exciting words and phrases for men

1. Let's do it again!

"Every time I hear this phrase, I cheerfully shout. If my beloved liked it, I will repeat it with pleasure!" - Yakov, 37 years old.

2. Spank me

"My girlfriend loves it when I slap her ass while having sex in a doggie-style pose. It turns me on so much!" - Alexey, 24 years old.

3. You can do whatever you want with me

"Well, how can this phrase not excite? In the process, we often move to the table or to the wall," - Arseny, 33 years old.

4. Touch me here

"Although we have been together for years, we really like to explore each other, turning intimacy into an exciting adventure" - Konstantin, 34.

5. Lets not turn off the lights?

"I love sex with the lights on! So I can fully enjoy the charms of my beloved, " - Alexander, 30 years old.

6. Do you know what I would like?

"I will gladly fulfill her every whim!" — Daniel, 26 years old.

7. If you want to wake me up, wake me up

"We have a baby, and it is extremely difficult to find time for intimacy, but it is always nice to know that I can get it," Roman, 25 years old.

8. Today at work, all I did was imagining how we...

"My wife holds a high position, and sometimes she sends me such text messages from meetings that I look forward to the evening!" - Artem, 41 years old.

9. It was cool!

"My fiancee is not very talkative in bed, and I do not always understand whether she has an orgasm or not," - Makar, 29, said.

10. This is my most favorite pose

"My beloved gently whispers it in my ear, sitting on top of me," - Denis, 26 years old.

11. I love you, baby...

"If she says something in a foreign language, I immediately get excited" - Ivan, 24 years old.

12. I'm coming soon!

" I love it when she says it. This phrase shows that everything is going as it should," - Vyacheslav, 28 years old.

13. We are the perfect couple!

"I like to hear this both during and after intimacy," - Mark, 31.

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