Experts told what women dream about during sex

Experts told what women dream about during sex

We all have secret erotic fantasies. Some periodically tell their partners about them, while others blush at the mere thought of it.

So, one of the conducted opinion polls shed light on what exactly the fair sex wants during intimacy. We present to your attention their sexual preferences, which will help you experience even more pleasure from this pleasant process.

Recently, the site Simpatic conducted a survey among 2,700 users. It had 170 questions that were supposed to reveal the respondents' intimate fantasies. And now we know what women dream about during sex.

Emily Morse, a sexologist and host of the Sex with Emily podcast, encourages people to regularly talk about their erotic fantasies with their partner. What may seem funny, strange, or uncomfortable at first may lead to dizzying sex experiments. The main thing is to throw the shyness aside and start a frank conversation. And then everything will go like clockwork.

So, what do ladies want in bed? Now we will share with you the secret information.

Dirty words

Almost 81% of the young ladies surveyed reported a desire to hear dirty words during sex. Emily Morse notes that the most powerful erogenous zone is not the genitals, but the brain. And vulgar conversations serve as a very creative way to stimulate it.

However, it is necessary to approach this point with caution. Not all ladies like dirty words. Therefore, first you need to make sure that the girl will really be aroused by it. Otherwise, you may nullify all your efforts with just one bad phrase.

Visiting a strip club

About 70% of the ladies said that they dream of visiting a strip bar with a partner. Here, by the way, everything is logical, because such institutions are permeated with powerful sexual energy. So, it is likely that a trip to a strip club will end with a stormy night at home. According to Morse, this trick has every chance to become a perfect prelude.

Sex toys with remote control

Almost 63% of the ladies said that they indulged in fantasies about using remote-controlled sex toys. At the same time, 44% expressed a desire to use such devices in public places. So, if you regularly go on business trips, it makes sense to think about buying such a toy.

By the way, there are interesting options for couples. Try, experiment!

With a blindfold

About 58% of young ladies dream of being blindfolded during intimacy. Morse notes that, in addition to intimate trust and dominance, this technique sharpens the sensations. Sudden touches and kisses create a wave of unearthly bliss that can accelerate arousal. So be sure to use the blindfold next time to give her even more fun.

Stop being shy! Discuss with your partner any, the most unusual erotic fantasies; boldly expand the horizons of sexual pleasure!