Facts about female orgasm that will turn your world upside down

Facts about female orgasm that will turn your world upside down

How promiscuous the ladies have become! They stopped valuing themselves! They completely forgot about the traditional role of women. That's why men no longer want them ... This is how ordinary people argue, and even famous psychologists sometimes share this opinion. However, is this really so? Is it true that over the past few centuries women have gone from shy to whore? Let's try to figure it out.

Let's speak about virginity. A couple of centuries ago, the young lady had to keep it like the apple of her eye. Otherwise, she would simply not have been married. It would seem an obvious confirmation of the girl's decency. If we don't consider the age of the marriage of course.

Even in the 18th century girls got married the age of 13. If, upon reaching the age of 18-20, the young lady did not marry, it was considered too late. Now, according to statistics, women get married at the age of 24-35. This is a completely reasonable approach, allowing you to first get an education, then gain financial independence, and then think about starting a family. However, is it possible to be a virgin at this age? It is unlikely that anyone hopes that his 35-year-old partner will be chaste.

Another thing everyone is worried about is monogamy. There used to be almost no divorces. And what's going on now! In fact, getting a divorce in Russia before the revolution was very troublesome. There were not so many reasons: the disappearance of a spouse, sentence, leaving for a monastery. Treason also figured among the valid reasons, but it was extremely difficult to prove it - this required written testimony of at least two eyewitnesses. Well, also impotence, which the doctor had to confirm during the examination in public! So, millions of unfortunate people continued to cohabit. Was it better for them? Hardly...

Today, if life in marriage has become unbearable, a woman can file for divorce with peace of mind. Do not tolerate alcoholism, assault and tyranny of a spouse. She will not starve to death, leaving her husband-breadwinner, but will live completely well-fed and satisfied. Perhaps, for the sake of such an opportunity it makes sense to sacrifice total monogamy.

Have ladies become available to all men, without exception? Not at all. Otherwise, the services of prostitutes would not be so popular. Open up any dating site: men, as before, are looking for sex first. Moreover, women have only recently been given the opportunity to make choices that were out of the question before.

The spouse of the girl used to be chosen by the parents, often before the wedding, the young couple saw each other literally 1-2 times. The intimate life of the young depended on the sagacity and financial solvency of the father and mother. Women were not picky: they married the man they had to marry. Parents didn’t care for the affection of their children. Even in harems there was no choice. There was only one man there - the sultan. Disobedience was punished with death penalty. The young ladies whom the Sultan did not like were sent to the "tent of aging women" a year later. From that time on, they could completely forget about sex.

The so-called decency of past years was based on the lack of any sexual choice for women. On ignoring any of their bodily needs. On the idea that sex is only necessary for procreation. Female orgasm in general was something people could not imagine. If the girl was lucky with her spouse, she could get orgasms. And if she was unlucky, she could die not knowing what orgasm was.

In general, women have not become wicked and the sex in the world is not in trouble. You can respect the traditions lying with a glass of wine and a great lover. And not in the "tent of aging women" or huddled in a barn from the beating of an alcoholic husband.

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