How to become the perfect lover: seven simple rules

How to become the perfect lover: seven simple rules

With these simple guidelines, you are sure to become the most desirable man and lover. We will show you how to stand out against the background of other men, you don't even have to spend money on seduction trainings. We advise you to listen to the following tips, there are only 7 of them, but they will definitely change the attitude of the women to you.

1. Don't listen to the opinions of other men.

Some men consider themselves skillful lovers and think they have the right to advise something. But, in fact, such braggarts are unlikely to make women cum.

2. Don't think that everything is just about your penis.

The penis is a tool for achieving your pleasure. If a penis is enough for a woman to get pleasure, then she is rather an exception. If you think that a woman has an orgasm from one sight of your erect penis, then you are deeply mistaken.

3. Upgrade the theoretical part.

Get knowledge about the female body not from men's forums, but from quality books on sexology, which detail the features of female physiology. We definitely recommend reading the book: "How a Woman Wants" by Emily Nagosaki and "Viva la vagina" by Nina Brockmann and Ellen Steken Dahl.

4. Learn to use the tongue for its direct purpose.

This is not about cunnilingus as you might think. Just talk to your partner, ask what her sex preferences are. The fact is that all women are different, and a certain strategy of behavior can completely satisfy one woman, but another woman will stay absolutely indifferent. Keep in mind that even the same woman can change her preferences depending on her mood.

5. Don’t forget about contraception.

Remember that pull-out method, the calendar method and other things are not a means of contraception. Only a condom provides maximum protection against pregnancy and disease. A woman will not be able to completely relax and get maximum pleasure if during the process she will worry about the consequences of unprotected sex.

6. Watch yourself.

Pay attention not only to your appearance, but also your health. For example, gastritis and bad teeth provoke bad breath, which is unlikely to please your partner.

7. Don't avoid experimenting with sex toys.

An orgasm from a vacuum clitoral stimulator is no different from the notorious "vaginal" orgasm, which for some reason is called true and the only true. So erotic toys are another way to please your partner.