How to beat reflexes in oral sex

How to beat reflexes in oral sex

Reflexes are useful, but not always. They play the role of bodyguards: they protect the body, protect health, act as life savers. But sometimes we have to fight them. The point is that reflexes do not always distinguish friends from enemies.

How to overcome the urge to vomit with a deep blowjob

The gag reflex is as significant as sneezing. It was invented by nature just in case, so that there is not too much food in the throat that cannot be swallowed or digested normally. In addition, there is always a risk that a large piece of meat or other food may enter the respiratory tract. How does such a useful reflex get in the way during an examination by an otolaryngologist or dental treatment. It can cause considerable discomfort during oral sex as well.

How to overcome a crude physiological reflex with such an intimate manipulation?

Do not let a man's genitals come into contact with areas of the oral cavity that are acutely responsive to stimuli.

And it's not just about the throat. Contact with any point in the back, located in a third of the mouth, such as the palate, can cause nausea. If you previously had nausea even when brushing your teeth, you probably touched your tongue from the side.

By understanding this, problems can be avoided. Guide the penis towards less sensitive points in the mouth, such as the inner sides of the cheeks. Caress it with your lips. This will help you avoid feeling nauseous.

The likelihood of a psychological reaction

This is not very common, but some people have a pronounced gag reflex. The factors provoking such sensitivity can be different and the overwhelming majority of them are psychological, although many think that it is a matter of physiology. Perhaps some situation in the past has caused a similar reaction. This can be, for example, a negative experience received in childhood at a doctor's appointment.

Often, nausea during oral sex is due to psychological trauma: for example, if a woman does it against her will, the action is imprinted in the memory of her body. A conditioned reflex appears.

It can be provoked by the scent of perfume, certain sexual manipulations, and even thoughts about oral sex. It functions even when the oral cavity is not physically affected. This can happen during lovemaking with a partner, to whom the lady has the warmest feelings, who won her trust, who never did anything bad to her.

As a result, many women do not even want to try - they don't want to fight nausea while having sex and the partner does not feel joy from this either. Negative experiences in the past should not have an impact on later life. We recommend that you use practices that help you get rid of conditioned reflexes developed under the influence of a past trauma.

"Oral sex" and the "deep throat" technique are different concepts

Many are mistaken in the belief that during oral sex the partner's penis must be completely taken into the mouth, as if all men want this. Some of them are confident that women can easily do such a manipulation, without even experiencing a hint of nausea and the urge to vomit. Someone saw such a picture in a porn film (in most cases, this is a montage). The bottom line is that sex should only bring positive emotions to everyone who takes part in it.

There are a lot of oral sex techniques and "deep throat" is just one of them. What men like is to see that the partner enjoys the process. Blowjob should be done with pleasure. This is much better and more attractive than trying to repeat the actions of an actress starring in a porn film.

If nausea rolls over during oral sex, first of all, you need to figure out why such a reaction occurs. Perhaps due to past experience, due to a psychological factor. Maybe your partner has a habit that makes oral sex unpleasant for you? Are you not using your hands or do you just need to change your position? Having understood the reason, it can be eliminated.

Oral sex is a form of intimacy. It should be pleasurable and exciting for both. This is quite an altruistic kind of caress, but that does not mean that it should cause nausea.