How to get rid of a kiss mark at home

How to get rid of a kiss mark at home

Of course you can put some makeup or use a concealer but you'll have to apply it again and again, otherwise it will be seen. 


If after a couple of days your spot is still bright, try applying stupe. It will improve blood circulation. Do it several times a day and leave for 10-15 minutes.


Banana skin is able to heal! Apply it to the spot twice a day for 20 minutes. And don't forget about the stupe.

A spoon 

Take a spoon and put it into freezer. After that apply it to the spot. The blood will stop leaking from the damaged vessel. But it works only half an hour after you kiss mark appeared. Later this way gets useless. 

Vitamin K

Try to eat food products rich in vitamin K such as spinach or broccoli. Also apply your eye cream on the spot because usually they contain vitamin K.


Use pennyroyal oil to do a massage. Ensure the oil is not concentrated or add one drop to 10 drops of coconut oil or olive oil. Vegetable oil is not good for this purpose. 

Ensure you are not allergic to pennyroyal oil and start massaging it into your livid spot.

If you don't have oil at home, apply some toothpaste. It also helps to get rid of the spot. 

If you have thin skin, you will inevitably have kiss marks even after light kissing. Use more moisturizing creams to avoid the problem.