How to return love if it seems like it's gone

How to return love if it seems like it's gone

Coolness is not a good reason to break up with your partner. If you really love a person, then you can always count on the relationship to recover and continue.

Everyone knows that even the strongest feelings sometimes fail the test of time. And the reason is not even whether love is cracking or partners have distrust of each other. It's just that everyday problems do not allow you to fully enjoy the relationship, turning them into a kind of routine. Both partners no longer think about romance, which was previously a priority, and everyday chores become the main topic for common conversations.

So, we present to your attention 5 effective recommendations on how to return warm feelings in a relationship with a partner.

Check who else is sleeping in your bed

Maybe a baby, a cat is sleeping between you, or there is simply a pillow. If some object or animal is in bed, then everything between you is not as good as before.

As for the baby, a separate bed should be provided nearby, where you will put him when he falls asleep. The best idea is to make a nursery room. Also, never go to sleep in separate beds, because sleeping together is extremely important for relationships and the exchange of energy.

Not only speak, but also listen

Casual conversation keeps the relationship warm. Moreover, it is the live dialogue that is important, and not just exchanging text messages. Listen carefully to your partner during the conversation. If asked a question, do not continue talking - listen to the interlocutor first.

Don't try to think through the dialogue ahead of time. Show a genuine interest in your partner's story, ask clarifying questions to get more information and reduce the distance between you. Do not remain silent: tell us him your achievements, dreams and plans for the coming weekend.

Don't forget about touching

It is necessary to hug, gently kiss your partner on the cheek, and touch him. Studies by American scientists have confirmed that hugging stimulates the production of oxytocin, the so-called hormone of happiness. And this, undoubtedly, heats up the relationship.

Eat together

A meal together is another reason to spend time in each other's company. But this is so important! In addition, during a shared dinner all of the above points are combined. Let this become your tradition.

Each couple should have their own traditions. Let's say dancing together in the morning, jogging, exercising, etc. These kinds of things make people very close.

Look each other in the eye

Even though this happens during the conversation, this point should be highlighted to indicate its importance. At least once a day, try to set aside time to calmly look each other in the eyes. It is no secret that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Eye contact actually plays a huge role in relationships.