10 male sex habits that piss us off

10 male sex habits that piss us off

Experts conducted a survey among women to find out which male sex habits annoy them the most. We suggest that you learn the list.

Having sex in socks

Almost every young lady who participated in the survey remembered this bizarre masculine trait. But why? Maybe socks give men an unprecedented feeling of comfort and security? Why do men cling to these two pieces of cloth, as if drowning at a straw?

Reinsured where it is not needed

Male paranoia is sometimes not just funny, but frankly useless. Therefore, no extremes are needed. What do we call people who regard the pull-out method as the main method of contraception? Right! Parents.

Ditto for several condoms. The more the better principle does not always work.

They don't listen to a woman and do everything their own way

This feature is annoying not only in bed, but in general in relationships. Sometimes it seems that men and women are really beings from different planets.

They run to the shower immediately after sex

It's quite ok but you should remember that a woman is not a doll from a sex shop that can be quickly rinsed and shoved into the closet until the next use.

They ask: "Have you come?"

No matter what they say, sex is not at all about orgasm. If you fail to come to a climax, this is not a reason to stop the planet. But men don’t see the sense in it if there is no orgasm.

Make surprises

Everyone loves to be surprised! Or not everyone? Some things are better discussed ashore. Especially when it comes to slapping. Many men try to spice up sex this way. But not every woman will like it.

They are lazy.

Nobody likes loafers, especially in bed. But there are people who care for just their own pleasure. The good news is that usually it's evident from the first glance.

Works like a jackhammer

Here we are talking about two characteristics - this is the duration and the lack of variety. Such lovers do not listen to anyone: they stupidly hammer. These specimens are convinced that if you do this for a long time, the young lady will somehow come to an orgasm (she has no way out).

Constantly talking

Of course, tastes differ. Some like dirty words during sex, while others like to make love in silence, occasionally interrupted by soft moans. But you shouldn't get too carried away with commenting on what is happening - this is not a football match.

Acting like a sex machine

Such men easily compete with jackhammers. Perhaps the technique may be different, but the style is, in general, the same. Please don't be like that!

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