Rock musician Marilyn Manson denies ex-girlfriend abuse incrimination

Rock musician Marilyn Manson denies ex-girlfriend abuse incrimination

Musician Marilyn Manson had to respond to allegations of bullying and sexual violance against him from women with whom he had previously had relationships with.

The singer said that the claims of his ex-partners are nothing more than a distorted reality.

According to Manson, his life and work have always been the subject of controversy and disagreement. However, recent statements about him distort reality in a monstrous way. The singer states that his intimate relationships have always been agreed with partners, no matter how they try to challenge it.

At the same time, the independent record label Loma Vista announced the termination of cooperation with the artist. The label stated on the social network Instagram that they are forced to stop promoting the artist's album in connection with the dire allegations of violence from his former partners. In addition, the message indicates that they do not plan to resume cooperation with Manson in the future.

Accusations against the musician

Earlier, American actress and model Evan Rachel Wood published a message in which she admitted that her ex-lover abused her and even raped her. After that, the 33-year-old woman was supported by Sarah McNealy, Gabriella, Ashley Walters and Ashley Lindsay.