The most favorite sex positions for men

The most favorite sex positions for men

Every man has his favorite sex positions. However, there are 5 positions that give you maximum pleasure. It's interesting to note that for men aesthetic pleasure is as important as proper stimulation. They want to admire their partner's body, watch her emotions and how she moves.


This is one of the hottest variations of a well-known cowgirl. The difference between this pose and the classic one is that the woman sits on her partner, leaning on a sofa or other surface with her feet, not her knees. Thus, you get sex haunches with the knees apart. The girl's buttocks are slightly protruded back. Why do men like the "frog" so much? This position offers an amazing view of the entire female body and its exciting curves. The man sees how the penis enters the vagina, which inflames his arousal with even greater force. By the way, this pose can replace 20 minutes on a treadmill and perfectly shakes the ass. So be sure to try it!

Golden ratio

If you've watched a porn movie at least once, then you've definitely seen this position. It is quite simple, but it gives the partner an unforgettable experience thanks to the deepest penetration possible. The woman lies on her back, with one leg extended, the other raised and bent at the knee. The man sits on top, covering the lady's outstretched leg with his thigh and pressing the bent one to his chest. The rhythm, depth and intensity of frictions are entirely under his control. By the way, the faster you move, the sooner you will reach orgasm. And the man, of course, too. This position can be practiced vice versa: the guy lies, and the girl, sitting on his outstretched leg, controls what is happening from above. However, you should not rush here. Move smoothly and slowly.

Sex birch

This pose is good in every way! A great option for morning sex in bed, and for sex before going to bed on the floor, as well as for quickie on the table. In any case, you lie with your legs stretched up and tightly clenched. And the partner, meanwhile, slowly penetrates into you, standing or sitting on his knees. The main advantage of this position is that due to the intense stimulation, both partners experience an amazing sensation from each penetration. However, this is not all that can be experienced in such a situation. Try crossing your legs and see the man moan at the slightest movement. And if you want to enjoy the process even more, spread your legs and put them on the man's shoulders.

Standing with a raised leg

Some men believe that this position resembles a missionary, but in an upright position. In fact, this way you and your partner feel better with your bodies, maintain eye contact, and reach orgasm faster than lying down. Cool? Although you can go even further - hug the guy's hips with your legs and wrap your arms around his neck. The effect will be amazing! After such intimacy, your man will bring you coffee in bed for a month!


Not all men like the classics, but we still decided to include this position in the list. First of all, women love it very much. In addition, from time to time guys still want to get as close as possible to the female body. And missionary position can provide such close bodily contact! Plus, you can easily add variety to it. For example, penetrations will be deeper if a woman crosses her legs in a lotus position, places a pillow under her thighs, or simply lies on her stomach.