Police opened a rape case against actor Armie Hammer

Police opened a rape case against actor Armie Hammer

Effie Angelova, an ex-girlfriend of actor Armie Hammer, accused him of rape that had happened in 2017.

The woman said that she met the actor on Facebook. The couple was in a relationship from 2016 to 2020. Angelova denied the actor's statements that he fully coordinated his sexual behavior with his partners.

The woman stated that Hammer used manipulative tactics to keep her under control until she began to lose herself.

Angelova shared her memories of how in 2017 the actor kept her at home for 4 hours and brutally raped her. She made attempts to escape, believing that the man was plotting murder. Then the rapist simply left without worrying about what would happen to the victim. Effie was shocked, unable to believe that a loved one had done this to her.

In addition, the woman clarified that Hammer also committed other violent actions, including hitting her legs with a whip and hitting her head against the wall.

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