Top 5 poses are named for those who get an orgasm too quickly

Top 5 poses are named for those who get an orgasm too quickly

Many people have experienced moments when the sexual organs ceased to function and the sex lasted less than they would like. This is quite natural.

However, if you both want the intimacy to be longer, experiment with these poses, and, believe me, you are guaranteed to open up new opportunities for your body.

Oral exam

Before proceeding to the main part of the program, lie on your back and ask your partner to do cunnilingus (ideally – not till orgasm), while stimulating your clitoris with your fingers. So you will cum faster, and the partner will not worry if he cums, and you still do not have time to get excited.


This is a modification of the doggie-style pose with less deep penetration: the man kneels and falls to his feet after each movement. And if you wrap your legs around his hips, you may better control his actions.

Bend and push

This is another comfortable position in which your raised bent legs will not give him the opportunity for a quick acceleration. Lie down on the edge of the bed, bend your legs and rest against his chest (the man is kneeling on the floor). Besides, you'll both have your hands free.


This is a variation of the missionary pose. Lie on your back with your right leg bent at the knee. Through it, as well as with the help of spreading and bringing your legs together, you will be able to control the movements of your partner.


This position is suitable exclusively for girls with excellent stretching! Stand against the wall; let the partner lean on it. Throw your leg over his shoulder (or easier – on his hip). Distracted by maintaining balance, a man will not be able to fully focus on sex, which means that he will last longer.

Do not forget that the relationship of each couple is unique; there is no need to look up to anyone. Be honest with each other, do not hesitate to openly declare your own desires, leave a slight feeling of hunger, and sex will never turn into a problem for you.

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