Poses for guaranteed orgasm partners are named

Poses for guaranteed orgasm partners are named

If you are one of those who are not able to reach orgasm from just one touch, then the following poses will definitely be useful for you.

A helping hand

The rider is one of the easiest and fastest ways to come to orgasm, but you can improve this position with additional stimulation of the clitoris with your fingers. Another option is to hand the man a small vibrator, and let him do it. Be that as it may, you are guaranteed to reach the peak of pleasure.

Parallel ones however intersect

Lie on your side, facing each other. Throw your upper leg over his thighs and allow him to insert his cock. Here you two find yourself in a winning position: he gets freedom of movement, and you may use hands with which you can caress the clitoris and breasts while his penis is in your body.

The third is not superfluous

Take a small vibrator; wrap it with a thin towel or a silk handkerchief, so that the vibration is not so intense. Then you lie down on your back, and the man stands opposite: place the vibrator between your legs and let the man control it. Based on how much and how long he wants to stimulate you, you need to press the sex toy a little weaker or, conversely, stronger. A teasing moment and a powerful tension in anticipation of orgasm work better than aphrodisiacs.

Super spoons

If you're too shy to stimulate yourself in front of a man, try the spoon pose. You lie on your side, bend your knees a little, and your partner sits behind you and inserts the penis. He reaches out to caress your nipples and clit. Since you can't see each other's faces, you may relax and focus on your own feelings.


Confident girls who are enthusiastic about experimenting should include this pose in their sex repertoire. In fact, this is a reverse rider, in which you can rub your clitoris against his pubis, as well as independently decide how fast and intense the rodeo will be.

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