Over the moon: the top 5 oral sex positions that will give you both an orgasm

Over the moon:  the top 5 oral sex positions that will give you both an orgasm

Of course, men really like oral sex. However, you can deliver and get pleasure at the same time! We are talking about position "69", and not just about it.

We suggest trying out some interesting positions

Spread your legs

The traditional  "69" position can be slightly modified: you should start with the usual position, then raise your hips higher so that the guy can caress you not only with his tongue, but also with his fingers. Of course, you can change the point of contact with your partner - trust your feelings.


Lie on your back, facing the edge of the bed. The partner stands opposite so that his penis is easily accessible to your lips. With one hand, hold and guide him by the hips, and with the other, caress your own clitoris. Or you can completely entrust control over the process to your partner, caressing your nipples and your pussy at this time.

Friction and sliding

The man lies down on his back, you go down to the level of his penis, with one leg over his leg. Squeeze your thighs tighter and find a way of interaction that can give you the most pleasure. You can slide over your partner's body, rub your clitoris against his leg, grab him tightly with your hips. Your imagination is the only limit.

Ground floor

The man is standing, you kneel in front of him. Guys really like this position, because they can admire the process to their best and feel like a master. Also, you can caress yourself . Everyone will be happy!

For the bravest

The partner sits down on a chair, you sit on his lap, with your back to his face. First, have vaginal sex in this position, and then, if you both welcome such experiments, get up, kneel down and continue to caress him with your mouth. These contrasting sensations are very exciting and prevent man from cuming too quickly.

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