Scientists have discovered the sexiest blood type

Scientists have discovered the sexiest blood type

The blood type allows you to determine many interesting things. For example, a person's character and even his sexuality.

In the course of a new study, experts managed to find out which blood type owners are more attractive to the opposite sex than others.

The experiment involved 3 thousand young people with different blood groups. In addition, the organizers identified traits and characteristics of the opposite sex that the volunteers find particularly attractive.

As a result, scientists have found that those who have blood type I are endowed with the greatest sexual attractiveness.

Those who have blood type II are the least interesting to people around them. People with blood type III are very sensual, and the representatives of the IV type are romantic.

In addition, the experts were able to give a brief description of the qualities of a person by his blood type. And this is how it looks:

● people with type I have developed willpower, great patience, and achieve their goals persistently;

● those with the II type are neat, responsible, hardworking;

● representatives of the III group easily go for changes, perfectly adapt to new circumstances;

● and, finally, people with blood type IV are natural born leaders, responsible, balanced and self-confident.

What blood type do you have?