Top 5 sex positions that will make your figure perfect

Top 5 sex positions that will make your figure perfect

Spring is about to come so it's the right moment to think about the figure. If you are one of the women who promise themselves to start healthy diet next week and pay more attention to sports, there is an ideal solution - sex. Have sex more often and do your best.

We will list several positions that, in addition to giving orgasm, also train the body. We recommend that you try them all to make your figure fit.

Downward dog

Take a position, as if you are going to do push-ups from the floor,  place your palms and feet correctly. Raise your hips - yogis call this position downward dog. The back should remain straight and form one line with the arms. Move and spread your legs at the moment when he penetrates you, so you can control the depth of penetration.

This pose will strengthen your back and muscles of your arms.

Creaky Bridge

This is a fairly simple pose, it will suit everyone who wants to exercise abs and buttocks. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Feet should be located at a distance of 15-20 cm. Squeeze and spread your legs, giving him and yourself a thrill. Do Kegel exercises to achieve a vivid orgasm.

Having sex in this position will strengthen your back and buttocks and hips. The skin on the buttocks will become taut, you will forget about cellulite.

50 shades of Ashtanga

If you are still not that keen on yoga, try this pose. Lie on your back and spread your legs in a "butterfly" position. Offer him to penetrate you from above, joining your hands above his head.

The muscles will become flexible, in addition, you will gain good stretching.

Sultry birch

An invigorating position that works like a double espresso. It will relieve you of the tension in your neck and help you renew your body. Lie on your back and throw your legs behind your head. Take the pose of a birch tree. He should sit down opposite and rest his knees on your shoulders. Wrap your hips around his legs, moving your pelvis as close as possible to him. Let him penetrate you.

Bend your knees if necessary - this will make the position more "animal". But do not forget that in this position the cervical spine is especially vulnerable. His actions must be extremely gentle and careful.


Another version of bed yoga: a man should sit down and bend his legs under him. Stretched arms behind his back will serve as a support. Sit on top in a cowgirl position and make a sweet ride. When you feel tired, move down, use the lubricant, covering your boobs. Place his penis in the hollow to give him pleasure.

Thanks to this pose, you can strengthen the quadriceps femoris muscle as well as the calves.

The listed poses are easy enough to master, they will quickly make your figure slim.