5 sex tricks that will make a man yours forever

5 sex tricks that will make a man yours forever

If your sex has become completely boring, we offer several spicy ways to diversify it. Below we will take a closer look at these naughty ideas.

Make his orgasm brighter

To intensify the climax, use the following technique: when you feel that your partner is close to orgasm, place your middle and index fingers under his scrotum. Make circular motions for 20 seconds and enjoy the effect.

Masturbate in front of him

One of the most common male fantasies is to watch his partner caress herself. Many guys are really turned on by this fascinating sight.

Tease him with kisses

First kiss him on the lips, then slowly move to his neck, chest and stomach. When you get to the penis, kiss it too, but immediately go back up. Repeat this trick several times until your partner asks for mercy.

Have oral sex in front of the mirror

The next time you decide to give a man an unforgettable blowjob, locate in front of a mirror. Believe me, you won't forget it!


In fact, striptease is a good old classic, absolutely a win-win option. To get the right mood, pick the right music, create an intimate twilight and prepare a glass of good wine.

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