Should I tell a man the truth, about his abilities in bed?

Should I tell a man the truth, about his abilities in bed?

At first glance, it may seem that we live in a country of dissatisfied women. And even though the shackles of modesty were thrown off back in the 90s, during the sexual revolution, many ladies just don't understand what it's like to be liberated in bed.

- Frankly speaking, I expected more! - Marina shares blushing. - Well, really, so persistently persuading me to go out for coffee for 3 minutes of vague frictions, what is it all about?! High-quality sex is 90% talking, kissing, caressing, hugging. And only 10% from physical exercise. Doesn't he understand this? And after that he asked me if I liked it!

- What did you answer? - we are curious.

- Of course, I said that everything is fine. I can't offend him! - answered the kind Marina. And another bad lover thought he was great.

After that he will be with another lady who will also tell him that he is a great lover.

This dishonest scheme has been used over and over again by thousands of dissatisfied women. Some simply leave with sad eyes, having previously convinced the lover that he had been great. Some ladies simulate orgasms in order not to hurt the guy. Still others pretend to have a headache because they don’t want to have the sex that they don't like. And they are ashamed to say what they want.

Our women speak very little and are reluctant to discuss sexual topics. They are so good at keeping silence and saving male self-esteem. And they are doing themselves a disservice. If you try to tell your partner that something is wrong, he will tell you that other girls were satisfied.

Surely you don’t have to start criticizing him immediately. First, it is just impolite. Also a man will criticize you as well. But, dear women, if you experience pain, discomfort, disgust, why put up with it? If you're not getting an orgasm, why are you trying to convince a man that there were fifteen of them? Imagine how his next partner will suffer with such a would-be lover!

Still, if women began to tell men what they really want, life would be much better for both men and women.