The expert explained whether it is worth using lubricants during sex

The expert explained whether it is worth using lubricants during sex

The release of grease is a natural process, but its amount depends on many external and internal factors:

  • Medication treatment;
  • Stress;
  • Diseases;
  • Taking contraceptives;
  • Pregnancy, etc.

Some people don't understand why extra lubrication is needed. Often, many people are embarrassed to buy it, considering it something shameful. There is an opinion that a small amount of natural lubrication indicates the partner's reluctance. But this opinion is very wrong and this is what sexologist Maria Arzamasova says.

Why do we need lube?

During vaginal sex. Since the release of natural lubricant in women is influenced by many factors, it is sometimes even recommended to use lubricant during sex. This is due to several other reasons:

– lubrication speeds up the process;

– preliminary caresses with its use become more interesting;

– during prolonged sexual intercourse, the natural lubricant may dry out and the purchased one should be used in order to prevent microtraumas and cracks in the vagina that will miss the possible infection.

Using a lubricant:

  1. During manual stimulation or masturbation. To satisfy yourself or your partner with the help of hands, a huge number of techniques have been created, but each for full effect and safety requires the use of a lubricant, since without it there is no sliding effect. It is important to understand that human saliva not only dries quickly, but also may leave bacteria on the genitals, which then get into the microflora of the vagina. Women are also recommended to use clitoral stimulator lubricant.
  2. During oral sex. Lubricants for oral sex add variety, since they have different effects and properties: stimulating effect, taste, etc.
  3. During anal sex. Such sexual intercourse should be only with lubricant and even the strongest spitting will not be enough. Saliva dries quickly, and the walls of the anus are too thin and easily injured. It is recommended to buy a silicone-based lubricant.
  4. When using sex toys, it is also strictly recommended to use lubricant. It is best to buy a water-based lubricant.