The truth about sex in the shower

The truth about sex in the shower

It may seem that shower sex is incredibly romantic: it is warm and light, and no lubricant is needed. However, the reality is usually not so attractive. Let's find out what you need to prepare for!


It's hard to be under the shower for both of you at the same time especially if you are kissing. And if you are out of water, you'll be cold.

Water and lubricant are not the same

As you indulge in passion in the shower, you begin to realize that the water and humidity conditions in the bathroom have nothing to do with lubrication. And they never had.

Extraneous thoughts

While your beloved is trying to please you, for some reason you are thinking about how you want to apply this fragrant apricot gel to your body ... Although, wait a minute, you are having sex! Well, okay, let him continue kissing, we'll decide about the gel later.

Problems with oral sex

You would be happy to give your loved one pleasure, but your mouth is filled with water, you see nothing, and in general, the idea is not that good.

Difficulty finding a pose

“Wait, that's so great, no, better, move away a little, and now come closer,” - that's what show sex looks like.

Injury risk

Sex in the bathroom is extremely traumatic. How can you enjoy the process while constantly worrying about slipping?

The pose was found, but ...

The shower suddenly breaks! Instead of continuing the fun, you are looking for spare parts.

Moving to bed

The bed instantly gets wet, and sex is no longer enjoyable. Is there something wrong with you? No, calm down, this is clearly something wrong with sex in the shower!