To keep warm in the cold: top 6 sex poses for a cold winter

To keep warm in the cold: top 6 sex poses for a cold winter

At first glance, it may seem that perfect conditions for making love are created in winter. But in reality, in the cold period in such a case, some difficulties may appear.

There is evidence that in the frosty season, couples practice sex significantly less often than in the summer. This is due to the fact that in winter, when the thermometer drops below zero, and the sun appears for only a few hours, people simply do not care about intimacy – there is no mood. However, it is possible and even more necessary to fight against unwillingness. How? For example, try to diversify the usual process.

We present to your attention 6 cool positions that will help you experience even more pleasure from sex in the harsh winter.

Winter missionary

The missionary position allows you to make love under a warm blanket. Climb on top of your sweetheart and cover yourself with a shoulder-length blanket. You may even attach it to the bed if it suddenly wants to run away. So you will be comfortable and warm, not only from the blanket, but also from hot sex.

To stimulate the clitoris, place pillows under the thighs to lift the buttocks. This will allow you to press against the clitoris of your beloved, so that the additional friction increases the pleasure.

Pressed spoon

Lie on your side one by one. Then lift the blanket and make yourself comfortable before entering your female partner from behind. This position has a number of advantages, but the most obvious of them is the proximity to the beloved. Who doesn't want a gentle hug in frosty weather?

The recumbent horsewoman

If it is so cold outside that you can cut the ice with your nipples, let your beloved lie on you while making love. Let's be honest: the rider's pose is quite tiring. In this regard, to facilitate the process, you may try its recumbent version.

Instead of sitting up straight, your lover should lie on your chest with her elbows on either side of your face. She will be able to set the pace and further stimulate her clitoris. You, in turn, may hug her, shower her with caresses, kisses and enjoy what is happening.

Wrapped lotus

Lotus is a very intimate sex position, perfect for cold nights when you want a little warmth. To do this, you need to sit back and let your beloved climb on your lap. An important point is that in this position, you must maintain eye contact!

Before you sit down, take a blanket and wrap it around your back like a cloak. You will both be extremely comfortable, and, most importantly, warm.

Winter bear

This position is a bit like a doggie style, but in it the girl rests her face on the pillow, stretching her hands to her head. You get behind her. Here, as in the case of the recumbent rider, a blanket may be thrown over the head. This pose provides for the man deep penetration, and for his beloved – the ability to fully control the amplitude of movements and pace.

Hot dog

This is another great position to keep warm on cold evenings. In it, the girl lies down on her stomach on the bed. You may also put a pillow under your thighs. You climb out on top of your partner, leaning on your elbows and knees. To enhance the sensations, your lover may bring her hips together.

If you do not weigh very much, but are not tired, you may lie on top of your favorite. This option is very intimate, and also allows you to feel your partner with your whole body.

Enjoy, warm up and experiment with your favorite positions. Do not forget that sex is not only pleasant, but also very useful. So don't be lazy!

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