Top 6 morning sex tips

Top 6 morning sex tips

They say people love morning sex only in the evening. There is some truth in this statement: many people are not awake until they drink a cup of coffee. What if you look at it differently? Experts are sure that morning intimacy gives a boost of vivacity for the whole day.

It's worth a try, at least. Perhaps, starting the day with sex, you will wake up from sleep faster and switch to active mode.

Part the curtains

This is not a metaphor or a line from a song. One of the key difficulties in morning sex is sleepiness. And what, if not the rays of the sun, is able to wake up the best? In addition, such light is quite soft and diffused, so it will make your body look great.

Take a sex toy

The situation when one partner wants sex in the morning, and the other does not want to, is quite common. There is absolutely nothing to worry about here. Let one experience the desired orgasm, and the other drink a cup of invigorating coffee.

In general, if you want an orgasm, get out the vibrator. Just charge it in advance to pamper yourself with pleasant sensations in the morning. Maybe this spicy sight will impress your partner so much that he wants to keep you company.

No need for sudden movements

So you decided on morning sex! Ready, steady, go! No, that will not do. But do not skimp on hugs, kisses, and gentle touches.

The optimal position for morning sex is "Spoons", when the man lies behind the woman's back. In this position, the movements are smooth, and the penetration is not very deep.


If you are confused by such natural morning things as, say, bad breath, you can go to the bathroom. Kill two birds with one stone: both cheer up and freshen up before a working day. The main thing in this case is not to neglect the safety rules: the mat under your feet should be non-slip, and be sure to take a lubricant with you, as the water ruthlessly washes away the lubricant.

Right under the covers

Don't get away from under your blanket. It is better to keep warm, especially considering the fact that this way it is much easier to come to an orgasm. You can also wear socks.

It's so nice to stay under the blankets a little bit longer isn't it?

No kisses

If both of you react normally to your morning breath, that's great! Then you can forget about the restrictions. Otherwise, you can try an alternative option - sex without penetration. During oral sex you will definitely have no time to kiss. You can also turn to mutual masturbation: it will not only seem extremely exciting to both of you, but it will also lead to orgasm faster.

Thus, morning sex can be quite impressive. A great mood for the whole day is guaranteed!