Top 5 board games for adults that will diversify your sex

Top 5 board games for adults that will diversify your sex

You may diversify intimate relationships with the help of board games for adults. They will paint your sex life with bright colors and give you incomparable emotions.

In these games, there is nothing difficult, but a pleasant feeling is guaranteed.


In the box for the game you will find a lot of different components: a pen, lubricants, a soft bandage, etc. So, alternately with a partner, you need to throw dice and move around the playing field. Most of the cells where you will get are certain assets that you can buy. When your partner will be in this place, you will have to perform a specific task.


You need to perform tasks written on the cards-forfeits, the roles are distributed by drawing lots. It has 4 levels: white, yellow, pink and red-this is determined by the shade of the forfeits. The darker is the color of the forfeit, the more erotic the task is.


During this game, you need to draw cards from the deck, where the tasks will be indicated. By alternately rolling the dice, you will take cards from various playing decks that are dedicated to an erotic theme.

Truth or action

If the partner prefers the first option, then he pulls the stick and answers the question from the red side, for example: "What erotic outfit would you choose?" When choosing the second option, the partner pulls the stick and performs the task that is indicated on the purple side, for example, to dance flamenco.


In turn, you pull out the cards and answer the questions indicated in them. The "Tell Me" deck consists of questions about you that only need to be answered sincerely. Questions from the "Guess" stack concern your partner; you should try to answer them correctly.

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