Top 7 unhealthy things in sex

Top 7 unhealthy things in sex

Sex is a purely private affair of two lovers. It seems that everything should go perfectly, but then triggers appear that turn pleasure into sheer annoyance.

An unpleasant scent emanating from a partner's body, or your nervous tension are far from the worst things that can affect the quality of intimacy. There is something worse.

So, let's take a look at the list of things that are guaranteed to ruin sex.

Long absence of sex

As a result of abstinence, sex drive decreases, which means that a woman's body produces less natural lubrication. In such a situation, the partner will need more time to prepare the girl for intercourse. So, it's better to honestly admit that you have not had sex for a long time, and explain how this may affect your sex. Then the awkwardness will go away, and you will quickly get involved in the process.

Thoughts on work

This issue is for workaholics and everyone who is used to working in multitasking mode! Of course, if the brain is determined to get through the tasks as quickly as possible, it definitely has no time for sex. Therefore, it will be difficult not only to tune in to intimacy and relax, but also to enjoy the process in general. There are two options - not having sex until you're done (not really inspiring, right?), or learning to turn off your brain for at least an hour. By the way, intimacy increases the productivity and endurance of the body much better than vitamins and energy drinks.

Clashing expectations with reality

How many times have the world been told that porn films are just films? With an interesting plot, spectacular actors and an enchanting ending. Just feminist films for adults are more or less real, but with a reduced plot. However, you and your partner are unlikely to watch something like this. Therefore, just like in the movies, in the bedroom, most likely, it will not work. Try to accept it and not take it to heart.

Sex without desire

You can't have good sex if you don't want sex. It doesn't matter what goal you were pursuing: to satisfy your partner, to please him or to cheer up. However, any sex that happens without desire is doomed to failure. In addition, in this situation, you are not likely to cum.

Cold room

How does the body usually react to coolness? That's right, it falls asleep. Thus, it preserves vital functions and conserves energy. So, if the room is cold, you cannot have high-quality sex. But you can freeze and fall ill. By the way, for this very reason it's a good idea to have sex wearing socks. Especially in winter. However, it is still better to turn on the batteries or a heater in advance so that the room warms up to a temperature comfortable for the body. And for orgasm, of course.

Attempts to repeat poses from the "Kamasutra"

As in the case of porn films, "Kamasutra" is just funny pictures that it is better not to try to repeat without physical training. First, it is extremely traumatic. Secondly, you are unlikely to experience the pleasure of the process in the upside-down position. The passion for experimentation is great, but it should be reasonable.


The notifications that come every minute will infuriate anyone. Not even while making love. Especially if you are having sex. So, turn off the sound or the smartphone itself. And in any case, do not answer calls during sex! A partner can throw you a scandal, and he or she will be right.