Sex on New Year’s Eve: unusual scenarios

Sex on New Year’s Eve: unusual scenarios

A real miracle can happen on New Year's Eve. And a woman who is not burdened with prejudices and family responsibility is not capable of giving a guarantee that, in an atmosphere of universal happiness, she will not want to fulfill someone's cherished desire on this amazing night.

In fact, girls are extremely emotional creatures. Feelings often prevail over reason. And the unspent tenderness and alcoholic drinks are an explosive cocktail that can push even a person with purely puritanical views to lust. Therefore, it happens that in the morning the girl realizes what stupid things she has done. However, nothing can be done about it. Or is it possible? To understand this, it is necessary to study the consequences of casual sex.


Feelings of guilt and shame are the dire consequences that often arise after a night with an attractive stranger. It’s a shame because at young age you were told that good girls should not behave like that, and society keeps repeating about morality. On the one hand, guys,go to various manipulations, calling it a "nun", then a "blue stocking" in they want to make you have sex with them. On the other hand, they are beginning to come up with offensive nicknames for too light-minded girls.

It is the "good girls" who can agree for sex after drinking alcohol. And then, having sober up (in every sense), engage in self-criticism. The "bad" ones know what is best for them, and casual sex for them is a chance to get new emotions and sensations but not unability to say no.


Of course, if you do not have sex with a pervert, rapist, or an overly ardent alpha male with a huge penis, then you most likely do not face physical injury. The most common consequences of casual sex are, of course, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So, regardless of whether you are going to go all out on New Year's Eve, it is worthwhile to follow the recommendations of Oksana Ukrainets, a gynecologist.

Even if on New Year's Eve you are going to have a bachelorette party without Santa Claus, having a condom in your bag is a nice idea. First of all, you need to take care of yourself and your own health.

Don't forget that a condom is not capable of 100% protection either from unwanted pregnancy or from sexually transmitted diseases. And if the sex wasn't safe, it’s better to visit the pharmacy.

If the morning of January 1 begins not with gifts under the tree, but with a trip to the pharmacy, you need to remember the following:

1. The sooner you take postcoital contraception, the more effective it will work.

2. The principle of an asphalt paver is at the heart of all postcoating products. A large dose of hormones leads to hormonal collapse in the body and does not leave the slightest chance of pregnancy. Moreover, hormonal disruption can be quite long, cause disorders of the menstrual cycle and other serious consequences.

3. If you need to take the drug, you must strictly follow the instructions.

4. The chance of getting pregnant while taking postcoital contraceptives tends to zero.

Folk songs and dances on New Year's Eve are only welcome, but folk methods of contraception, such as citric acid are more like tragicomedy. In fact, any acidic environment leads to a sharp decrease in sperm activity. However, the latter will definitely not languish in anticipation until you get to the bathroom, remembering chemistry lessons along the way.

Remember that postcoital pills cannot be used as a preventive measure against sexually transmitted diseases. The risk of infection can be minimized by treating the mucous membrane immediately after unprotected sex with any antiseptic. Although it is unlikely that you constantly carry it with you.

After casual sex, provided there are no complaints, it is still better to visit a gynecologist in a week. And if unpleasant symptoms appear, then the visit to the doctor cannot be postponed at all.