6 unusual sexual practices

6 unusual sexual practices

After several years of living together, passion in a relationship is slowly beginning to fade. Over time, the question of how to diversify intimacy becomes especially acute: whatever you do, it will no longer be something new and exciting.

We want to show you 6 sex practices that you can modify and try with your partner. Probably, some of them will really ignite your curiosity, whip up your imagination, or serve as a foundation for more exciting ideas.


This is a sexual deviation (no need to be afraid!), characterized by the desire to spy on other people. The voyeur loves to catch intimate moments like sex, hygiene or dressing up. However, if you think about it, you can spy on each other! It would seem that if you have been living together for a long time, what surprise could there be? But try turning these simple things into sex.

Peeping is actually a much more intimate process than it seems. Perhaps a man has long wanted to see you masturbate, wash your genitals, or insert a tampon. Here two exciting stimuli are triggered at once: the "voyeur" gets the closeness of what is happening. It's as if the porn was being filmed right in front of him.

A person being spied on is aroused by the realization that they are being watched. He seems to be working "for the camera." The main thing is to maintain the illusion of "randomness" - no need to look at each other and giggle. Act like this game is real.

Foot fetish

This is the name of the sexual attraction to the feet - this is a very common form of fetishism. Usually female feet cause excitement.

Footjob is a subtype of foot fetish. This is an active or passive process of masturbation of the penis with the partner's feet.

It is not at all necessary to go to extremes and ask your partner to lick your heels, but many people love it when partners caress or massage their feet. Use this as a foreplay element: ask your partner to pat your feet, or do it yourself. Pleasant sensations are guaranteed!


Not to be confused with "bandage". Bondage is an element of BDSM practice, implying bondage and partial immobility of the sex partner. Remember the episode from the movie "50 Shades of Gray" where the protagonist purchases screeds in a building materials store? What do you think he needed them for?

However, you don't need screeds - it's too much. Until you are not Christian Gray, use something softer, like his tie or the sex shop fur handcuffs. Bondage is a very common fantasy for many couples. By the way, it is peculiar not only to women - men also like to play the role of "victim". Remember that immobilization should be symbolic - you don't need to knit sea knots around your partner's ankles and wrists. And even in these innocent games, a stop word is needed.


Spanks can excite both of you but you need to be careful about this. It can be painful not only for the passive side. When you repeatedly run your palm over someone's bottom, the hand will hurt. It is better for the "upper" partner to do a few light blows at first, and then gradually build up strength and amplitude, relying on the desires and reactions of the "lower" one. Consider also the fact that women hit harder than men. The fact is that young ladies have more flexible palms, due to which the whip is more aggressive.

Food play

It is both tasty and healthy. Don't say you've never used whipped cream for sex games! However, this product is not limited to. Of course, "dirty games" are better to start under the shower or on old bed linen. There are two basic rules to follow. First, use sweet foods. Adjika is hardly suitable, even if the partner likes it. The ideal option is sugar syrup, candy, liquid (but not hot!) chocolate. If you are following a healthy lifestyle, use fruits or berries. The second rule is that you don't have to stuff anything anywhere. No matter how much doctors talk about observing safety precautions, there are still people who strive to shove something somewhere. Do not do it this way.

Dirty talk

Many people like quiet intimacy, when only you, him and noisy breathing. However, why not talk? Tell him how you feel when he makes frictions in you, or fantasize about what you would do if you met under different circumstances. “I sometimes imagine ourselves getting stuck in an elevator. We don't know each other, you kiss me passionately and ... ”Tell your partner your hottest fantasies or listen to his sweet dreams and then have hot sex.

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