Why it is dangerous not to have sex after 50

Why it is dangerous not to have sex after 50

Most often, problems with a lack of intimate relationships worry men, although women may also have difficulty with this.

The results of research done by British scientists prove that the lack of sexual relations after the age of fifty can negatively affect the physical and mental health of both genders.

The study involved more than six thousand people - men and women over the age of fifty.

Observations were carried out and many tests were carried out, which showed that problems with intimacy often lead to problems with men’s health. Women also suffer from it.

For example, according to the statistics, more than sixty percent of men are at risk of developing cancer due to lack of sex life. And women are prone to developing diabetes and arthritis.

According to doctors, as a result of the lack of sex, men are at risk of early impotence, as well as stress and hormone imbalances. This, in turn, provokes severe ailments such as diabetes and cancer. The deficiency of intimacy also negatively affects women, especially the state of their nervous system.

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